Monday, April 04, 2005

I'm back

Well I've been away for too long.

A combination of many many personal events/challenges had left me severely behind on my MBA.

I have got back on track now, Henley were very supportive.

Anyway enough of the excuses....

Managing Information: hhhmmmm, found an interesting company to be the subject, more soon....

Without Me (Album Version) from the album "Without Me - EP" by Eminem
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Monday, December 27, 2004

Back on the slopes of Mount MBA

Well the Christmas break is over. 2 days off!

I have a new challenge as HMC are running Managing People (MPL) and Managing Information (MIL) in parallel. The first module Foundations of Management ran on its own and it made studying a straight forward task. Now we have 2 parallel modules I am finding it harder to decide on what to read when.

So I am taking today to work out a daily study schedule for the next 2 months!!! It's the only I am going to be confident of staying on top of progress.

The Managing People readings are not the easiest to consume as the writing is over complex. As well as the HMC stuff the set text is HRM by Torrington, Hall & Taylor. One of my study team described it as turgid....

turĀ·gid : adj

1. pompous, boring, and overcomplicated
2. swollen or distended by a buildup of fluid

I can't disagree

I am fairly sceptical of the 'real world' contribution the HRM strategy practitioners have in industry so this adds to my less than enthuastic start to MPL. But like climbing a mountain, you can't dictate the landscape, you have to deal with what is in front of you, so I'll dig in and keep climbing.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The waiting is over!

Finally got my Foundations of Management assignment mark.....

B with 100% of the available marks.

I am happy with that, although I didn't feel like celebrating much after having to wait a week longer than the rest of my study group.

It was really interesting to get the markers comments back as it is a small insight into the marking scheme and how in general we should be presenting our analysis.

Feeling better about my mark as I is a good start and I should be proud of getting over the first hurdle.

The climb is still daunting...reading, reading, reading

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Assignment marks coming in....

Some of my study group have received their marks for the Foundations of Management assignment.

They have done really well and in some ways it is reassuring to see such good results and it gives me hope.

But you never know....

I am now on complete tender-hooks. The mark is sent by email and I cannot stop pressing refresh!!! I know such anxiety is irrational, but that doesn't mean I can control it.

Fingers crossed...

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Post assignment doldrums

An interesting week.

Monday was last minute 'gold plating' of first ever MBA assignment.

The day was a mixture of writing, helping my builder demolish my bathroom, PDF creation tech support for some of my study team and trying to finish assignment whilst resisting the urge to drink wine!!!

Finally got it done and collapsed on sofa watching 'reality' TV. Reality? Not so sure, but did end up thinking what was more SURREAL...what I saw on the TV....or the experience of the last few days!

So decided to relax for a few days. But the folks at Henley Management College (HMC) have other ideas.

The next two modules were launched on the Tuesday! Two in parallel! Just when you thought your stress threshold had risen to the challenge, they up the pressure.

The reading for Managing People is frightening. Its all part of the gig I guess. Time Management and focusing on the real issues.

Well after 1 week of a 2 week Task, no one has posted an entry. No one, not one person from the 80-odd students. So I guess I am not alone in the post-assignment doldrums.

Ah well, the wind is picking up, Managing People wind is start to fill the sails.....Task 1 due Friday 3rd.

Human Resources and contribution to strategy....deep joy!

Take care fellow climbers, basecamp secured, next peak to be climbed.